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  1. David Dynasty

    Eastside NY rich rollin 20's crips

    I remember a time when people liked to role play in this city.. When people had respect between one another no matter the gang or crew you was with. Everyone has problems with one another but you meet and talk it out like men. Tho, gangs and crews come and go like the months in the year. You all should look at yourself's and see that this is why at one time gangs couldn't even be a thing. I hope they go back to this one day. Seeing how this city is for role playing and not gun play. You all want to talk about this and that but at the first word you don't like you shoot. I will be glad when the day when all of you are gone and we can get back to the real reason we are all here.. To Role play, to have fun in the city with new and old friends. To make a char that means something and does something, because anyone can pull a trigger.. Not everyone can Role play. You all have shown many of people that just from reading your posts.. I wish you all the best and much love for all. Thanks,
  2. David Dynasty

    Dynasty Organization Hiring Now

    Always. Hit me up in Email
  3. Hello, The Dynasty Organization is looking for a personal Lawyer/Attorney. We are looking for someone that knows the inside and out of the law. Here is just a couple of reasons. Contracts. We will need a lawyer who can understand our business quickly.; prepare the standard form contracts we will need with customers, clients and suppliers; and help us respond to contracts that other people will want us to sign. Real Estate. Leases of commercial space. such as offices and retail stores. They are highly complex and are always drafted to benefit the landlord. Our attorney should have a standard "tenant's addendum," containing provisions that benefit us. Criminal Law, Drug Crimes, White Collar Crime, Misdemeanors, Speeding and Moving Violations and Felonies. If you think you are what this Organization needs please contact me with a little info about yourself and with the answers to these few questions. Are you experienced? Are you well-connected? Do you have other clients in my industry? Are you a finder, a minder or a grinder? Will you be flexible in your billing? Will you be on call at all times? I hope to hear from you and will be waiting for your email. Thanks, Email: DavidDynasty#9568
  4. David Dynasty

    Storage idea

    Hello everyone reading this, So... my idea is that we have multiple locations for storage containers in the great city of NY, Sandy and Palito. Now with having all these locations you can only have one container in one of the locations at a time but... If you want to use a different location you must first pay a big fee to get the truck that you would need to move it and then another big fee to make sure you didn’t get caught moving it. Of course I’m sure you could take the risk of not paying it and see if you get caught. Once you have payed for both of you want, you can drive to any location you wish and drop off your container. Now once you have dropped off your container you can’t move it for a week or some time that is decided by upper power. Again just a idea that I think would change it up... just think for a moment with me.. If you had heat on you and had items you didn’t want the police or anyone finding you would move your things to a safer location.. That’s all this mindset is wrapped around. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.. Thanks again, David Dynasty Owner/CEO The Dynasty Organization
  5. David Dynasty

    Looking to buy Business

    sent you a DM brother.
  6. David Dynasty

    Dynasty Family

    Still looking for good people to join us,
  7. David Dynasty

    Dynasty Organization Recruiting

    Still looking
  8. David Dynasty

    Looking to buy Business

    still looking
  9. David Dynasty

    Looking For Owner

    I'm looking for a house that has a drive way that you can drive all the way through.
  10. David Dynasty

    Looking For Owner

    Hello, I'm looking to buy 1 if not both of these houses and I'm looking for the owner so I can do so. If you our anyone you may know, knows who owns the house/houses in the picture please contact me. Thanks, David Dynasty Owner / CEO Of Dynasty Organization Cell: 458-7978 Email: David Dynasty#9568
  11. David Dynasty

    Looking to buy Business

    Still looking.
  12. David Dynasty

    Dynasty Organization Recruiting

    Hello, My name is David Dynasty, and I am the owner of The Dynasty Organization. We are a supply and demand company and are currently seeking new recruits for all positions. This is an open-ended contract with a beginning length of 1 months with a strong likelihood to extend or to go permanent, depending on budget and job performance. These position are located in New York. Details for the position are as follows: Job Descriptions: • Responsible for delivering processes with special focus on recruitment and partnering with business leaders to understand current talent challenges • Perform strategic activities in relation to integrated talent management • Act as internal chief and agent to facilitate cross-organizational moves • Responsible for search within external talent pool to ensure internal career and development opportunities • Use data-based evidence to address hiring manager expectations about the labor market and recruiting process • Prepare a list of potential candidates and initiate discussions with current line managers • Ensure quality of posting and create short lists • Responsible for the candidate communication, interviews, assessments, and reference checks • Provide feedback and coaching to the interviewed/assessed internal/external candidates in accordance with local practice and laws • Effectively partner with teams to ensure all coordination with candidates/hiring managers run smoothly and efficiently (job posting, candidate scheduling, job offer processing, etc.) • Conclude the selection process with the manager and the candidate, incl. offer negotiations If you are interested in hearing more about the positions please respond to this posting or contact me at 458-7978. Please forward this email to any friends or colleagues as we do offer a Referral Bonus for any candidate hired. Regards, David Dynasty | Owner/CEO The Dynasty Organization David Dynasty @ The_Stream_King#9568 Website: The Dynasty Organization Cell: 458-7978
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