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    1. I definitely understand where you're coming from, and I do plan on coming back. I just needed to step away because of all of this. I know the admin etc. do a good job, I even gave them props in my initial post. The main thing I am concerned with is less about objects and features added to the server and more about the RP. I appreciate the time that's put in to making the server better but truthfully no amount of dev time can fix the attitude of the established members/gatekeepers that seem to control the flow of RP. I really enjoy this server and want to come back soon, however because I like the server so much and want to see it grow I had to be honest about it. I hope you didn't take my suggestions as personal attacks or me downplaying how much work goes into the server, that is not my intention and never has been. I didn't know I could report people for acting that way (snobby and not wanting to RP) so when I come back I will for sure make use of the report feature for that. Thanks for the reply, It honestly motivated me to come back faster. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you guys do.
    2. I posted this in the suggestions area a while ago but i don't think anybody really saw it or checks over there. I want others opinions on what I think would make the server better: Well, not like anybody would personally care but, it's been real I've decided to leave the server for a while. ( i'll probably remain active in the forums) The only reason I'm making this thread is to offer suggestions for possible improvement and fill you in on my experience so maybe changes can be made for the future. Pros: 1. EMS is really good when they are around, I've never had an issue with EMS. The system you all have set up is really good. The EMS workers are also professional. 2. The realism is great, I enjoy the injury system (especially the rag doll while jumping lol) The way cars handle and their durability is great as well. It actually makes you care for your vehicle. There is a real risk to shooting, so it makes you think twice. 3. The legal jobs can be fun(*if you're in the mood to grind), I just wish they paid more. 4. Brooklyn is a good idea (not a lot of RDM and VDM, although I have dealt with that in Brooklyn. Just not as much as queens.) 5. The admin team does a good job and they handle issues quickly. Now with that being said here are the cons. Cons: 1.Legal jobs DO NOT pay anywhere near enough to make them worth doing. 2.The economy is horrible. 3. The poor attitude of some members in the server. ex. I've noticed that some people in the server have an attitude of "I'm too good to RP with you." It's almost like many people have cliqued up and put themselves on a pedestal because of it. Like if they are apart of a gang or have a certain amount of money they wont interact with people of "lesser importance" they seem to act more important because they are surrounded by a lot of people. (If this does not apply to you DO NOT GET OFFENDED just keep it moving) Ultimately this is an RP server, not high school so we should all interact with each other to make a better experience for ALL regardless if people are new to the server or not. I've experienced personally people ignoring me (initially answering, but then getting silent) for whatever reason. Then abruptly answering a phone call or talking to their friends right in front of me as if I was never there. (You can do better than that, that's a really poor attitude to have and show.) 4. The PD is kind of stale as far as RP goes. They may have fun together (with other PD) but the interactions could be better with the public. Just my opinion. 5.The standing around. Before the problem was people standing around at Legion, now the problem is people standing around at mechanic shops. It's hard to RP when the cliques are all stuck at mechanic shops. 6. The IRL discussions in game. So this has been a problem since I've been here, If I'm not mistaken this counts as breaking character yet it happens constantly. Suggestions: 1. Fix your attitudes people: People leave servers because of the members and the quality of the RP, If people would get off their pedestal of "I'm better than you because I have a super car, tons of money and connections so I don't have to follow rules." then things could improve rapidly. 2.SPREAD OUT AND RP! self explanatory, it's like everybody is hiding half the time, how are people supposed to have quality RP when everyone is hiding somewhere. I know what the retort will be "it's not my fault you don't know where everyone is." Think about this though, if you want the server to grow in the right way (which I do) what's more important, YOUR enjoyment or the enjoyment of EVERYONE? If everyone enjoys it, then it will get better. Attitudes will definitely improve. 3. Make sure EVERYTHING works for EVERYONE not just a select few. To me it would seem as though as long as a certain group of people think everything is fine then it's fine. No matter what complaints come in as long as a particular group like what's going on then it doesn't matter. 4.Fix the economy. I'm not good at articulating possible fixes for the economy, but I know it needs fixing. There are many threads on the forums about fixing the economy that are very well written and agreeable. 5. I read the forums a lot to see what bugs people and what they want to be fixed, but I rarely see replies from people who can change anything (that I know of, don't get angry I'm only going off of what I have seen) I think the members complaints or ideas should be taken more seriously and given feedback from admins promptly to show that they care and value the members suggestions even if they don't agree. 6. MORE SOLO ACTIVITES: I understand that RP is meant to be a group thing, but what about those who can't find a group to be with (since everyone is cliqued up already and seemingly shut the door) What are they supposed to do work legal jobs all day? I understand that there are indeed things to do solo but it's not a lot. Some ideas for #6: Pay more for legal jobs so they can actually be worth doing if the player chooses to do that. Make drugs more accessible to the solo player(like way more accessible) I've seen other servers execute this very well and in a fair way, so I know it's possible. Maybe a marked meet up spot for people looking to group up, so maybe like an OOC IC LFG type of thing. You pull up go inside and see other people looking to group up then you leave together get back in character and start your RP. 7. Last but certainly not least ACCEPT CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM. It's the only way to grow (your server and in life, in other words don't slander me because I have ideas to help that you may not agree with lol) I do believe that your RP experience is what you make of it, but circumstances that are out of your control definitely play a role in your enjoyment. I understand not everyone will like everything, but I believe what I am suggesting will help more people than not. Hopefully whenever I decide to return, the server will have grown, I wish you all the best.
    3. I don't mean to argue but I'm not sure you understand the description I gave. So firstly my graphics are high/ultra(or 'Very high' whatever phrase they use in GTA) so that's not the issue. I have never seen a vehicle move on this server and not make ANY noise, let alone 3-4 cars at once just appearing. Then on the last example I gave what could be the explanation for that? A whole cop just appearing behind me on the freeway and then vanishing? I'm just saying don't discount that people could be cheating just because you haven't seen it. It's very possible you can easily see it on youtube all the time. I think PD should be watched more closely.
    4. To get straight to the point can PD teleport? I have seen three times where this seems to be the case. The first time I was doing an illegal activity and a group of PD spawned on my location (3-4 cars) nobody drove up I heard no engines saw no light they were just there. I asked one of the officers about it and he said "we were sitting here the whole time!" (just before he and a few others tried to plant gun parts on me which I caught them trying to do it.) Anyway false, why would I intentionally commit a crime in front of PD? Keep in mind this was on a street that I had clear visibility if anybody drove up to me. ( No I am not mad I got caught, that's not an issue so before anyone assumes that's the case here its not.) The second time happened the next day same thing as the first day. The third time happened just a few days ago in Brooklyn, I was not committing any crimes I was just driving on the highway and a cop appeared behind me and then swiftly vanished as if they teleported to the wrong place. This was not desynch as the cop didn't reappear in front of me or anywhere else, they were just gone. I'm bringing this up because if we have people who are POSSIBLY cheating in PD that's not cool. I just want the server to run smoothly as I really enjoy it here and want to see it grow( I'm constantly trying to get people to join the server). So no negativity please that's not my goal here, has anyone else encountered this? Again just to clarify I DO NOT CARE ABOUT GETTING CAUGHT AND OR ARRESTED THAT IS THE OBVIOUS CONSEQUENCE OF COMMITING CRIMES ON THE SERVER lol I just don't want to be dealing with possible cheaters.
    5. I agree with this 100%, Queens will prevent this community from getting new members if its not fixed. I went into queens last night because I finally talked a friend into playing BigCityRp and the FIRST THING that happened to us was we got gunned down by like 5 people at a gas station while I was trying to show him the ropes. Queens is basically GTA online at this point, thankfully I have access to Brooklyn, but my friend does not and has to deal with queens for 14 days considering I can keep his interest in the server for that long.
    6. This is a great idea that I think needs to get approved, but I don't think it will honestly because it would take money away from the top by making it a little more even. Like those that want to stay legal wouldn't HAVE TO rely on the millionaires to make money (drugs, etc).
    7. I agree with all of this. I have tried to air out the first issue in the discord before but no dice. For example if i play BCRP 5 days a week for an hour at a time i may have 1 or 2 interactions with people and its not even RP. I also would love to have a storyline for my character but since there is no RP its impossible, and I didn't come here to basically play single player. The problem I noticed is that this server is really about about grouping up with irl friends and ignoring everyone else. Like I have been in this server for a while and I haven't made a single recurring friend. I've met people and exchanged numbers but nothing ever comes of it because nobody does RP. I don't know what can be done, but if nothing is done this server will die a slow death lol Also, I have access to Brooklyn but never play there because nothing is ever going on. Maybe those of us who cant find RP should meet up and do our own thing idk just throwing out possible solutions.
    8. Hey welcome to the city man I hope to meet you out there! Im a US Army vet myself (mechanic). Its a great RP server you will enjoy it the people are all pretty cool.
    9. Welcome to the city, don't be intimidated a lot of nice people here. See you around.
    10. "BigCityHangout" is a perfect description. I also agree that when you said the server doesn't have a mechanics issue its a frame of mind issue. I agree with that 100% this is the BEST server I have ever played on the mechanics are perfect IMO, but people treat this like VR chat. I came to this server because i watched a Berleezy youtube series of him RPing here and the story was fantastic so I naturally came here, only to be met with clicks hanging out at legion and little to no RP story. I have met a few people who actually RP but no real story lines just people trying to make money. Its an amazing server I love it, just cant find any story lines or create any because people are too busy hanging out and not RPing lol
    11. What's up everybody I'm brand new as in just joined today. I have been searching everywhere for a quality RP server and I hear good things about this one so im excited to get started hope to meet some of you out in the city!
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