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    1. I want to say first that I am very appreciative of the love that tow/mechs have got recently. I love the working rollbacks and the lights with custom liveries. With that being said, an issue has arose tonight while on tow duty. My shop owner was messaged/DM'd by senior management with a picture of my tow truck with custom wheels that looked tasteful and actually tied into the paint of the truck. Owner was told that it was unrealistic for tow trucks to have anything other then stock tires. Well from being around tow services in IRL, that is 100% false. I feel our shop is being targeted cause another mech was on duty and also had custom tires and not a word was mentioned to them. I am going to include some pictures of IRL tow trucks to prove a point. I would like to sit down with some higher ups over this issue because it not fair to myself nor everyone in the shop i work. I spent my own money to do the tires. I would love for a higher up to please message me privately as to get this injustice resolved
    2. Dre


      I think to make things fair between police and civilians is there should be a whitelisted legislature job. This job would be to review all law changes/suggest new laws to be voted on by the legislatures. This would keep police making changes without civilians known of changes to laws. This would also give civilians a chance to be a part of laws and law changes.
    3. I agree. Too many times we see the police and walk away which animation is not cancelled and then they roll up with guns. It is apparent that cop with spotted and normal reaction when cop is busted is to walk away cancel the transaction. Even if this is not implemented, cops should not have probable cause from watching someone from just handing something cause it could be a flier, piece of paper with a number. The probable cause is being exploited by police.
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