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    1. Absolutely! I dont agree with anyone's response from staff as "Cool Story Bro". But this isnt a management situation, this is a community discussion and that response is him defending his job and department, but the issue is it feels pretty one sided. I dont protect anyone if they do wrong, I will be the first to call them out, my concern for 5 years is the "player" here, regardless what his/her job maybe, idgaf. You wont find anyone more fair and straight forward then me, but clearly not everyone can say the same thing. I have no emotional attachment to any family, friend, player, department. For me, its making things as fair, real and fun for every person that comes here, new or old. But clearly certain people have one sided views, I agree some things on both sides need to change, but nothing can happen if you sit here thinking nothing is wrong on how people go about things. The biggest thing is attitude and respect, lets all work on that first, the rest will come easy.
    2. So some things you mentioned in this post we can all agree can be re-worked or changed. But unless your pablo escabar you will always be at somewhat of a disadvantage to police. Crims dont have helicopters, spike strips, radar, dogs or sniper rifles just to name a few, so yes you will be at a disadvantage vs a police department irl and in game. Can we get criminals to think before they do something? Maybe not using a personal car for illegal activity? Maybe plan something instead of just yolo'ing it, then cry when they get caught? I mean I always like to hear things we can change or fix by community members, but its more disturbing, your a part of staff and come here calling out one side. How can you remain fair as part of staff? Hard to see you will after this. Staff should always remain neutral, you have clearly showed here, you see things one sided.
    3. @Dino containers are character specific yes, but you can certainly own more than 1. We have many different locations for them.
    4. For some reason you seem to be so upset with everything we have to offer to you, why are you still here Victoria? You can lock pick a car for a few obvious reasons. Comparing the ability to lock pick a vehicle vs robbing a store or bank, you have to be kidding me.. If you feel everything here is not up to par for your liking? Well then welcome to America! You can choose 2000 other servers to complain about.
    5. no one is blaming you for anything, but you want us to change something thats not broke because you dont like it? Your situation is isolated, this is not a community, script or support issue, this is a couple of dooshbags that sound like they are targeting you. Report them for harassment then.
    6. So first off, they dont keep a key for your car forever. its for as long as the car is out. If no cops are on, that would mean we dont have enough cops to cover that server at the time. Maybe apply? Not sure if the same people are just targeting you specifically, or your just always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Lock picking a car is illegal, but it certainly not against the rules. As for the "Function" what do you propose? Sticky bomb? I mean I am not protecting idiots that have no life doing this for no reason, but it certainly happens where kids steal a car for joy rides. Your in a city full of criminals and no cops, by yourself, if your a sitting duck, its possible something is gonna happen.
    7. You can join Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx without any issue, receive no bans, no issues and have 5 days play time, your app will likely be approved. at some point.
    8. yea push is possible, was going to add it at one point, but flipping a car? no.
    9. lol This is funny im sorry.. The box has plenty of ram, do you think we use some cheap ass VPS? We can run 10 full servers on this box, none of which you stated is accurate. We also have the dedicated boxes in a vRack setup which keeps the transfer or files all local. Its not your ordinary zap hosting or local setup. The Stability issue is based on us using an experimental platform called Infinity Beyond, not just onesync, but a form of it. The amount of steamable items cause client side issues, the reason you dont want to stream too much crap is because it will limit certain players with a less performing PC to play without issue. FiveM base, even with 200 scripts and a shit ton of cars can work absolutely fine for 50% of your player-base. What do we do with the other half? Tell them to find another server? So we limit the things we do based on it working for all, not just some. Also as fiveM as well as us change and update things to fix bugs, while other bugs will be created, its a cycle that will eventually workout. Hence the reason this is called "experimental".
    10. Ever think maybe you dont know everything or how other things work in the city? Sorry im not going to teach you methods and give you a step by step here. The biggest issue is people are lazy and would rather sit at the park or drive a car in a circle and make cops chase them, instead of looking and finding new things...
    11. Yes, the main issue is this, well 2 actually.... First, the in game voice is still not stable enough to push all servers to larger capacity, going from regular FiveM to One Sync forces in game voice, to a 3rd party built in voip. This is not stable or clear all the time, its getting better, but not perfect. "So why not use Toko Voice" I hate the fact of any 3rd party download program that has to be ran simultaneously with the game for a public server. Toko for a WL / private server, sure why not.. Having a public server, the benefit of this, is free flow of new people, not everyone has Toko, so adding that to a public, limits people and deters them from joining the game instantly. FiveM actually blocked the plugin to use Toko at one point and from my understanding, once Mumble becomes stable, Toko will be blocked altogether again. The second issue, larger capacity servers like 64 slot, 128 slot, seem to attract way more people that are not willing to RP or follow the rules correctly. No one wants to play on a server with 63 gangsters shooting it out with each other.. So Brooklyn is infact a semi WL server, we did this to control the flow of people coming in, limiting the very people we dont want here that are not here to RP or follow the rules. I hope I explained some stuff for you, it comes down to people not here to RP and quality of the Voice.
    12. Thats about the baseline of what we would like to do with it. not exactly in so many words, but RP will be the point. Not passing out coke like candy.
    13. Crunch


      We have done drugs so many different ways in this community.. We have had player ran drugs.. Niki P at one point and in my opinion was the absolute best. The issue was supply and demand. Niki who loves to RP and is absolutely awesome to watch, had to actually get all the ingredients together with his crew. Than he had to process all of the drug himself. In the beginning it was fantastic to watch, but the demand was so great, after a while he got burnt out, he would be sitting in the process plant for hours just making it. So this took a lot of his RPing time away to keep up with supply and demand... We have even tried cutting the process out of that structure to speed up the supply/demand... Well that didn't workout well as drugs flooded the streets and became worthless, only the people running it got rich and it didn't really provide much RP as it was just passed from one person to another in bulk.... Kinda like Coke and how the key system was here. The key system in my opinion would have worked out OK if it expired after X amount of time... But to have those keys stay valid forever, just gets people to have and control and endless supply. People were duping keys, selling keys for 20-,30 mill... We had people just hop in game and transfer 5,10k coke, no RP involved, just here ya go, this literally flooded the entire city with coke, again making it worth less.... So that system didn't work out well either.. So I understand the frustration, we all feel that, so we will change how that works, we will re-visit the regular job prices again and see what we can do.. Keep in mind, the coming WL, will be totally separate, so the eco, drugs and all other stuff will be isolated from the public's... Anyway Thanks and have fun!
    14. This is a community, not a one man show, we dont just do what we want. You need to listen to the members of a community, take ideas and try and work in what you can.. @thisisNardah took it one step further and made it all possible with the latest update. Thank you for the post, keep it up!
    15. Hey guys, so let me clear up some things. First, very sorry you guys are having a hard time getting in the discord, let me explain the number one thing they look at. The most important thing they check is your game activity, so if you never been in the BigCityRP server, 9 out of 10 times you will have your app declined. Our servers are easily found by typing " bigcityrp" in the fiveM server list search. Our servers are public, so ANYONE can join. In the application, they ask for your steam name and / or your steam hex or url to your profile. This is then checked with our game player database. If you never played, your steam shows no activity, then 95% your application will be declined. The rest is just some basic simple questions, but the game play data is the most important. Doing this ensures we keep the trolls out of our discord and let only the people willing to RP and bring a quality they can share and interact with adults. So good luck, hope you understand and get a chance to resubmit your app!
    16. Welcome to BigCityRP! Best thing to do, is checkout the rules and ask the questions you need, we are here to help! Have fun!
    17. Welcome to BigCityRP! Best thing to do, is checkout the rules! Have fun!
    18. Welcome to BigCityRP! Best thing to do, is checkout the rules, ask all the questions you need, we are here to help! Have fun!
    19. Welcome to BigCityRP! Best thing to do, is checkout the rules, ask all the questions you need, we are here to help! If your talking about local in game chat? best to do /help when your in game, this will show you what commands do what. Your voice settings can be changed in game at the pause screen. Try holding down N and talk. These setting can be changed in game Have fun!
    20. Welcome to BigCityRP! Best thing to do, is checkout the rules, ask all the questions you need, we are here to help! Have fun!
    21. Welcome to BigCityRP! We have a great bunch of people here, I believe thats what makes us special. But please make sure to read the rules. Role play can be extremely fun as long as all parties follow the rules and dont treat it like GTA Online! If you need help with anything, the forums are a great place to start, just know in character things can only be found in game. Thank you and have fun!
    22. Crunch


      Welcome to BigCityRP! We have a great bunch of people here! But please make sure to read the rules. If you need help with anything, the forums are a great place to start! Thank you and have fun!
    23. Welcome! The forums is a great start, so you can read the rules and see whats expected. Im sure your discord app will be handled. Thank you and again welcome, have fun!
    24. Welcome to BigCityRP! We have a great bunch of people here. But please make sure to read the rules and dont treat it like GTA Online and you will have alot of fun! Thank you and take care!
    25. Crunch

      Whats Good

      Hey, sounds great, welcome!
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