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    Goog Afternoon fellow Citizens and Peoples, Admins and Staffs. This night I wanna bring up a different kind suggestion, There are people who loves this Community as much as I do. What if we have a online BCRP Merch, Hoodies BCRP logo, Shirts BCRP Logo, Mugs BCRP Logo, Coffee mugs with BCRP Logo, Pins with BCRP logo, wallpapers, 3D printed BCRP logo..im sure many will buy the 3D one coz I will to put it in my bedroom. It can be great way to support our server/admins/staffs who are working hard to make us enjoy in the cities every single moment we spend. Think about it for a sec, if something happens we go up to them to ask for help, if there is issue they come and resolves it. As a Community 100% sure we can give them a little favor dont you think? Some Example I made Quickly just to give example! Im sure if we take time to find a goog artist or designer to make the logo for clothing and other stuff it would be way better than mine! Thanks again everyone, Hope you guys have Goog day/Night
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    We will workout something this week and try and put something official together for a poll. Then once the poll determines the top 3 candidates we will hold an election. easy!
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    Hi all My name is beany and ive just registered here to hopefully join your community Ive just started GTA RP after reinstalling the game after a good few years and learning about fiveM Hopefully I can be accepted in and look forward to meeting you all in game Regards
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    Hey All, My Name is Logan Thurman and I'm playing a character named after my late grandfather Roy Genzel. The character is a former Sheriff of Ravalli County now investing into the railroads and trying to bring passenger and freight service standards up with the latest trains and fast shipping. I hope to see y'all in the city! Thanks, Logan Thurman
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    OK 2.5 then Coz you have MR C's Approval lol
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    I absolutely would love this. I do feel like the housing market is out of control and needs some sense of regulation. MAKE REAL ESTATE GREAT AGAIN!
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    Can we remove the big ass arrow over items that are dropped because if I'm running from the police and say i want to get rid of evidence on me, i cant drop it anywhere besides like some bushes because of the big ass grey arrow over it. With this there can be a new thing for K9s to perform article searches for evidence that has been tossed. Thoughts???
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