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    1. We understand your concern but it seems you do not know how weed works.... when combusted weed gives off a very distinct smell... it can be comparable to the smell of a skunk sometimes if the weed is high grade... with that being said that smell does not go away until clothes and the person is cleaned. O.o So to smoke a joint just to get hp back and not for RP purposes gives us a way to further RP with you and give us more RP as well by using the smell a strong aroma of marijuana... I think that the community automatically assumes as soon as the cops show up rp is over and that's not really the case.... You have the rp to actually capture, pillbox if needed, transport, and down in the cells how that rp goes is on every individual in that situation. We really need to stop this "Win Mentality" on both cops side and crims side...
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    2. Yes I saw that you said cops to ignore this post. But wanted to let you know some things. Also I will not bash you because there is no need for that. 1. In the state of New York you have probable cause to search someone and there vehicle if they smell marijuana coming from the vehicle 2. Also officers use there vehicles when looking at cameras, I can't speak for others but I always make sure I am in my vehicle when I do so. 3. Officers need to be speaking out loud when talking on the radio so if you see that report it. 4. Our cars are the same as everyone's, they are no different from civilians cars
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    3. I agree that there isn't enough general creative rp, but you really can't just group all crims together under the banner of shit tier rp! Its really not fair to the crims who do try to rp. Howver I do very much agree with you that a good handful of people I talk to will just end up shooting. There was a guy not too long ago that killed a local infront of me and I went "Holy shit dude you just fucking killed her!" He goes "I don't care I can do whatever the fuck I want". I went on about how he just murdered someone in cold blood in an attempt to get a smidge of Roleplay. So just like any sane person he says "I killed her because I was Bored" and then threatens to kill me if I dont fuck off. I agree with your point.
      1 point
    4. 0-100 real quick. Easy there. She's pretty much saying everything that I pretty much said with my reply. aDaPt AnD cHaNgE yOuR rP shit man, my mom can smell weed on my clothes 5 hours after a smoke session with my buds and have you ever smelt a car a day after hot boxing it? No comment since I am not sure the full context of whatever situation your in. Hire a lawyer and then report that shit. To be honest, I was expecting your replies to be constructive so we can have a community discussion about it, but damn man, I would highly recommend reading Crunch's most recent announcement posted yesterday on Discord. Based on your replies, your character in-game is starting to align with whatever hes talking about in the announcement.
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    5. Adding to whats said above, Weed has a very very distinct smell that is very hard to hide. Whether just smoked or smoked 30 mins ago. Even us EMS can tell if someone is high from a quick inspection. 6-7 cops will not respond to the same CDS complaint , if they are doing that you need to report that for power gaming. Like Dustin explained: Air-1 has many SOP rules for when it can be pulled, if it was already out then there was a recent event that was not concluded and happened to be in the area of the CDS complaint. CDS complaints, as far as im aware is a 1-4 chance of the 'local' calling in the complaint. (there are not as many cameras as you think) Police vehicles even in real life have a bit more durability because of the need for pits etc also heres a fun fact: If you roleplay with the cop "oh hey i just ran over a skunk im sorry about the smell" or something... BE CREATIVE a lot of cops will let you off. But if you're a dickhead and run/mouth off/shoot then of course youre going to get arrested. Imagine roleplaying.
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    6. Put my 2 cents in on the above, the whole smell situation seems super marginal to me and is a real thing police use to justify car searches. If you want to put together an argument for why it should not be in the city I would generally say base it around realism and not balance as crim/cop balance is something that requires a super egalitarian perspective.
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    7. One of the number one requests I hear from community members is having a broader character customization for both males and females. Adding in the ability to change eye color, being able to cheese any skin-tone regardless of the parents chosen, more clothing options, and better hairstyles. I believe that adding in these customization will provide a more noticeable difference between characters and allow community members to better achieve the image they have of their character. Obviously this isn't a high priority suggestion but rather just something to be considered for the future. Below are some of my personal suggestions, let me know what you guys think! ♡ Female Hairstyles Topknot With Bangs Mai Bun Tied-Up Dreads Misc. Hairstyles Misc. Hairstyles Misc. Hairstyles Misc. Hairstyles Hime Haircut Braided Haircut Short Ponytail Big Afro Male Hairstyles Undercut Hipster Youth Long Hairstyle Dreads Misc. Hairstyles Dreadlocks C. Sexton Bush Long Wavy Hair Short Wavy Hair Asian Haircut Female Clothing High Socks Mandarin Collar Crop Misc. Clothing Misc. Dresses Mini Dress Male Clothing Hoodie Hoodie Track Gucci Shirt Off White Rockstar Jeans Gucci Snake Shirt Obey Shirt LV Shirt
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    8. u sure the only storage containers are in the city?
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    9. Whats going man! Welcome to BigCityRP you will love this place see you in the city
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    10. wtf do you mean imagine roleplaying? you trying to throw your little sneak shit in there ..? stfu
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